ClickScience Clickscience Blocks

The complete teaching and learning package for GCSE Science. Written by teachers for teachers.

A visual and interactive route to success in science. And it works.

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Kingshurst onDemand onDemand Screens

Managing video content across your school network just got easier. Kingshurst onDemand puts you in control of the content you choose.

Browse and Search your library, then View, Comment, Rate and attach resources to videos for use in and out of the classroom.

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Themed Packages Floating Themes

Beautifully presented KS4 Science topics with interactive rich content. Highly engaging and not afraid to tackle difficult Science.

Run it in the web browser, or on the desktop. It's your choice.

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Kingshurst Basic Route USB Key Materials

A 'no frills' approach helping students achieve passing grades for the OCR National Level 2 in Science.

Puts worksheets, revision notes and teaching resources at your fingertips.

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The Explore and Discuss Series Tok, in a box

It's TOK, in a box...
Aimed at KS5 learners these highly visual presentations engage students in trying to answer the question 'What's it all about?' Ideal for critical thinking courses and IB Theory of Knowledge.

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Here at Kingshurst Multimedia we are passionate about creating software that supports and enhances the ever changing world of education. As educators ourselves we have a unique insight into the needs and requirements of today's modern classroom, allowing us to work directly with teaching staff and students to create truly first class products and services.

By Education. For Education

Based within the CTC Kingshurst Academy the primary function of Kingshurst Multimedia is to provide support for teaching and learning through key stages 3, 4 and 5.

All our products are the ideas of experienced classroom teachers; they take the primary role in making sure anything we develop works in the classroom and meets the learning need or gap they identified.

It's all about 'keeping it real' to provide solutions that work effectively and consistently, that you can rely on in your classroom.